Sorry but I really can't afford to share readers with that particular person who produces so many untrue statements and who parasites on the work of scientists. I've had huge problems with the people who were being sent from that website to my weblog. I apologize if you're not one of these aggressive and extremely ignorant problem-makers but there's no way to distinguish.

Virtually everything written on the blog you visited a minute ago is nonsense and virtually all contributors are crackpots. The owner of the blog, Peter Woit, a computer administrator and a lecturer in discipline, is trying to revenge to the high-energy physics community for his inability to become a physicist himself. By the way, you may also check that it is untrue that Peter Woit teaches at Columbia University. The course, G4343 on Lie groups, that Woit claims to teach is being taught by Mikhail Khovanov now.

You can check that during the last two decades, Peter Woit only wrote 3 rants against string theory and one unpublishable, 0-citation demonization of spinors in quantum field theory, earning less than 10 suspicious citations in total. For comparison, Edward Witten wrote nearly 200 articles during the same period, earning almost 40,000 citations from them. Peter Woit is not a scientist in any sense; he is just an activist.

You may also listen to an interview with Leonard Susskind, one of the leading physicists, who is also asked about Peter Woit and Lee Smolin and explains their grumpiness. Go to three minutes from the beginning.

As a minimum, I want the misinformation posted at "Not Even Wrong" to stop and the individual who has been generating it for several years to apologize.

You can open if you wish.